At Tech Time Simulators we specialize in helping our clients save money. Whether your a Law Enforcement Agency, Training Academy, Security Company, Shooting Range Owner or an Entrepreneur looking to open a Virtual Shooting Range we can fit any budget.

Firearms Simulators also known as Use of Force Simulators or Force Option Simulators provide a unique and invaluable training environment. Hundreds of interactive video scenarios ranging from active shooters in school and workplace situations to vehicle stops, burglary responses and domestic violence situations for LE Training.

Home invasion and personal defense for Conceal Carry Training.

Zombies and Wild West Scenarios for entertainment shooting.

Wireless and tethered laser fitted weapons with recoil provide realistic feedback.

Firearms Instructors can remediate students with muzzle trace

and force fail drills.

All of our systems come with warranty and tech support. When you become a client we deliver, install and train you on system operation whether you purchase new or used.

We also rent systems by the day, week or longer.


With over 15 years of simulation experience we can help make sense of all options available in the marketplace.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can help.